Winter weather forecast for Azerbaijan

Baku: The weather forecast for winter 2015-2016 in Azerbaijan has been made public.

The National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources told APA the forecast is released in 5 Climate Centers and center of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) – equipped with high technology with support of WMO.

Seasonal forecasts are released on the basis of dynamic and complex mathematical analysis of long-term climate forecasts and numeric meteorological observation data.

Based on the results and analyses of all these numeric climate models, experts at the climate forum concluded that the upcoming winter season in the South Caucasus region, also in Azerbaijan will be relatively mild and the temperature within climate norm or a bit higher in some places. In mid and late winter, the temperature is expected to occasionally drop below the norm. However, the analysis of long-term meteorological data in Azerbaijan suggests that cold arctic air currents prevail more frequently in our region usually in January and February, and thus frosty and snowy weather conditions in some periods can not be ruled out despite winter is expected to be comparatively mild.

As for December, cold air currents are likely to dominate although mild weather is typical for this month. Therefore, the average temperature in December is predicted to be close to climate norm, sometimes above, and precipitation to be close to climate norm or over in some regions.