Wine – Exquisite art. Presentation of new wine collections

The Hotels and Restaurants Association announced that, in the frame of developing and improving its operations, it supports local producers, in particular companies whose products are directly used in the hospitality and tourism industry of the country, and contributes to the widespread recognition of local products both in the country and abroad.

As a result of agrarian reforms in Azerbaijan, the guarantees were made for the dynamic development of agriculture. Strengthening of the state support for agricultural development, determining of strategic objectives and institutional changes in the spheres corresponding to the new challenges laid the foundation for the transition of this sphere to a qualitatively new level. The modern agrarian parks, large farms and wine yards are established in the country to ensure food security of the population and to increase the export potential of the agrarian sector.

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev declared 2015 the “Year of Agriculture” in order to give a new momentum to the development of agriculture and accelerate its modernization, to ensure a systematic and comprehensive approach to solving existing problems in the agrarian sector, for an effective involvement of administrative and financial resources in this area, and wide promotion of the agrarian potential of the country.

With supporting of Hotels and Restaurants Association will be held presentation of new wine collections CARAVAN and PALİTRA, specially developed by advanced country winemakers «CASPIAN COAST WINERY & VINEYARDS» and «KRISTALL PLUS», which are a new wine products and symbiosis of ancient winemaking traditions of Azerbaijan, its history and best fine art samples, characterized by its unique taste and rich bouquet.

Honoraryguest of the event, Igor Sharbatov, President of Sommelier Association St. Petersburg, Director wine school sommelier St. Petersburg, a permanent Member of the Jury of Russian and international Wine Competitions, Grand Maitre du Vin, Commanderie de Bordeaux, Chevaliers du Tastevin Burgundy, Premiant of numerous medals and diplomas as an experienced wine expert, will revealsome of the subtletiesof wine service, as well as holda tastingof winesofferedwith variouswineappetizersto complementthe bouquetof taste.

In the frame of the event will be held various competitions and quizzes, and winners will be awarded with memorable gifts and certificates.All participantswill receive free samplesof the proposed newwinecollection.The eventwill be followed bya buffetandbackground music.

This event is of particular interest to professionals from tourism and hospitality industry, employees of hotels, restaurants, bars, as well as retailers and wine boutiques.

SOURCE: Azer News