Will the AKP engage in self-recrimination?

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) has made serious mistakes in recent years. It has polarized Turkish society. It hasnand’t hesitated to encourage polarization as long as its own supporters are the andquotmajority.andquot It escalated tension and polarization to the highest level in the run-up to the June 7 election. It calculated that this plan would secure a victory in the election. But it has been wrong. The electorate didnand’t endorse this dangerous political mindset masterminded by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. But will the AKP acknowledge its mistakes in a process of self-recrimination?
There are signs of this self-criticism. Assessing the election results, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu said, andquotEveryone will comply with the constitution and everything will fall into place,andquot implying that Erdogan will not meddle with the party. He noted that they are respectful of the electorsand’ choices and they will evaluate the election results within the party. He referred to a andquotnewandquot AKP.
These are important remarks. We will wait and see if these promises will really be implemented.
Encouraged by Davutoiluand’s attitude, some pro-government columnists have started to ask, andquotWhere did we go wrong?andquot This is an important sign as well.
If the AKP questions its political mentality and style thoroughly, this will be to the benefit of both the party and the country.
Indeed, it emerged as the first party out of the election even if it failed to secure the majority of seats needed to form a government alone. If this party insists on its gross errors, this will only lead to the continuation of tension and polarization. Economic and political instability will escalate into a crisis. We will defer our efforts for democratization and settling the issues undermining our social peace to an unknown future. In contrast, if it stops insisting on its errors, this will bring relief not only to its own supporters, but also to the entire country.
For this purpose, Erdogan must refrain from imposing a special political mentality on the AKP. He must abandon his dreams of being a president in a andquotTurkish-type presidential systemandquot and be content with being the president of a parliamentary system within the confines of the Constitution. The graft and bribery investigations that were aborted due to the governmentand’s pressure must be re-opened and the judicial institutions must be freed from government duress. The andquotwitch-huntandquot in which people are accused of being members of a andquotparallel structureandquot must be abandoned and the people who were victimized must becompensated. A clear pro-peace stance must be adopted regarding the suspended settlement process. This list can be extended further. As everyone will immediately see, this is a list of the moves that are required for Turkeyand’s normalization.
But the biggest obstacle to the AKPand’s acknowledging its mistakes is itself.
Some pro-government columnists attempted to make forays into self-criticism after the election. But other pro-government writers were quick to raise their voices to suppress the former. During the campaign, some columnists had voiced hesitant criticism about Erdogan waging an election campaign, but they were accused of being members of the parallel structure or traitors.
The majority of pro-government columnists argue that voters made a mistake in this election. They even staged a coup dand’andeacutetat against the AKP. (AKP deputy Mehmet Metiner clearly maintained that voters managed to stage a coup in the election although they failed to do it with the Gezi Park protests.)ertain pro-government columnists seek chaos followed by a crisis so that voters will rush to support the AKP once again. They are irresponsible and crazy about losing power. Apparently, they donand’t care about acting responsibly. They dedicate themselves to the aocacy of the presidentand’s interests. In this sense, I donand’t think they care about the AKPand’s future.
The AKP leaders, particularly Davutoilu, must settle accounts first with these deputies and columnists.
The AKP now has the possibility of self-renewal and self-recrimination. It will either use this possibility or continue to make Turkey lose time.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman