Will Abdullah Gul return to politics?

Since the Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost the election, former President Abdullah Gandul has become the source of headline stories.
Last week he came out and stated that he encouraged AKP leader Ahmet Davutoilu to form a coalition. Then he mentioned that he also called on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to also aise Davutoilu to form a coalition government.
It is ordinarily unusual for Mr. Gandul to be visible in these troubling times. When he feels that he needs to deliver a message to the public, it is typical of Mr. Gandul to use secondary sources to deliver his messages. With this method, Mr. Gandul aims to protect himself from the bitter criticisms of Erdoganand’s circles. Yet lately he has preferred to be visible, which is interpreted by many as an attempt to make a return to political activity.
This time, his top aid, Ahmet Sever has stepped in and delivered his message. In a critical time frame, Mr. Sever published his memoir, sharing Mr. Ganduland’s opinion about various issues. With his note that Mr. Gandul has read the book before it was published, Mr. Sever reveals Ganduland’s critical perspective of Erdogan and his attitudes.
From the Gezi protests to the famous corruption investigation, Gandul criticizes Erdogan sharply.
He openly shares that he would send four former ministers who were allegedly involved in corrupt acts before the constitutional court for trail.
and”Know your placeand” is another message that Mr. Gandul sent to Erdogan. Mr. Sever reveals that if Gandul returns to politics he has preconditions, one of which is to keep Erdogan in his place as the symbolic president and not allow him to overshadow the prime ministerand’s role.
Ganduland’s bitter criticisms of Erdogan could hurt him in these difficult times. It is expected that Erdogan will respond to such public criticisms. The question is whether Mr. Gandul is preparing for an intensified fight with Mr. EDogan as he begins to step back into active politics?
It seems that Gandul is very enthusiastic about returning politics. Otherwise, Mr. Gandul is the foremost expert at remaining silent in troubling times to protect himself from the muddy field of politics.
He sees that there is potential for him to return to politics. He sees that mounted reactions against Mr. Erdogan could provide him an opportunity to return to politics. However, he wants third parties to fight for him at this stage to prepare the ground.
In other words, Mr. Gandul has launched a proxy war against Erdogan but we donand’t know whether he will be successful or not. Given the fact that Erdogan is not as powerful as he used to be, Mr. Gandul has a chance to establish a base in politics for himself but he can only defeat Erdogan with a direct confrontation.
In possible direct confrontations, Mr. Gandul has a big aantage against his rival. Unlike Erdogan, Ganduland’s image is not tarnished. While Erdogan is alienating his former allies, Gandul never turn his back to his supporters. Moreover, Gandul now has the support of former AKP deputies who had no chance to be re-elected this time.
The only disaantage that Mr. Gandul has is his attitude of staying behind the curtain and expecting someone else to fight for him.
Worse, unlike Erdogan, who has a quite number of foot soldiers who are willing to die for him, Mr. Gandul has no such dedicated soldiers. Ganduland’s soldiers prefer to have a long-range fight rather than face-to-face battle with Erdoganand’s soldiers.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman