Why do they wish to silence the opposition media?

Itand’s a well-known fact that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan takes a close and abiding interest in all matters media. Right now in Turkey, many TV channels, newspapers and Internet sites serve him directly. But actually, this is not enough for Erdogan, and heand’s trying to take the entire media under his control.
We recall: Last year, as part of the many recordings leaked through social media to the public, we saw that Erdogan was literally intervening in TV programs to the point of changing some of the breaking news items broadcast as ticker alerts in programs. Unlike the allegations of corruption that emerged from the recordings, Erdogan did not deny these media interventions and did not label them and”voiceovers.and” The direct contacts between Erdogan and various media bosses laid clear for all the political pressure on the media in Turkey. Of course, it should be made clear at this point that this striking political pressure on the media is not a problem that has emerged during Justice and Development Party (AKP) rule relations between ruling parties and the media have always been problematic in Turkey. At the same time, though, it needs to be pointed out that during no other time in Turkey has the media been subject to such control from the ruling party, and nor has there ever been this level of blackmail and pressure. In fact, we can really only compare the measure of pressure and control being wielded over the media to previous coup eras in Turkey. Of course, there is a difference now: It used to be that some interlocutors would whisper into the ears of media bosses, and”The military is being made uncomfortable by that news story.and” But now, we see people actually calling up media bosses (and referring to Recep Tayyip Erdogan) to say, and”The gentleman is not comfortable with that news.and” Sometimes, this is shouted openly at campaign rallies. Yes, the problem we are experiencing is this serious and this terrible.
So why does the number of media organs under the control of Erdogan and the AKP appear to be insufficient for the regime? Most recently, the Dogan Media Group, addressing President Erdogan, queried and”What do you want from us?and” in an open letter. It was an expression of protest. The Dogan group is quite right to be up in arms at this point. In the past, certain writers for this media group were fired as a result of discomfort on the part of Erdogan. For a long time now, the Dogan group has been displaying what one could call and”balancedand” journalism, to avoid the wrath of Erdogan and the AKP. And by and”balanced,and” I mean not publishing news that might anger or displease Erdogan. Still, this has not been enough to let them escape clear threats from Erdogan at campaign rallies of late. The stance adopted by the Erdogan and the AKP towards the opposition media is clearly fascist in mentality. What the regime truly wishes to see is the total shutdown of the opposition media. We understand from certain stories leaked from mainstream media and certain pro-government writers that serious preparations to this end are already under way. They have already made this decision, and now they are just trying to prepare the public. The reason the AKP aocates for the shutting down of the opposition media is this: They call it the and”terrorist media.and” They donand’t even see a need to try and create some mantle of legitimacy for this slander, either. After all, they know that there is no constitutional or legal basis for their desires on this front. What they want to see is the creation of a and”single-manand” regime. And this is what will make the upcoming June 7 general election so and”historic.and” On that date, Turkey will be obliged to put a stop to the imposition of this fascist mentality on the entire country.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman