Who will be league champion? Your guess is as good as mine

After Beiiktai and Fenerbahce both dropped points in the past two weeks, Galatasaray has emerged as the most likely candidate to become the Spor Toto Super League champion.

The Black Eagles of Beiiktai could only draw 1-1 against Akhisar Belediye Genclik ve Spor on Thursday, which nailed the coffin shut on their championship dreams. Star striker Demba Ba’s equalizer was not enough to save the game or the three points it had offered.

Beiiktai was similarly upset with a 1-1 draw with Gaziantepspor in week 31. Up until that point, the Black Eagles and Galatasaray — aka the Lions — had been level on 64 points before Beiiktai only managed to share the spoils with the middling Anatolian team last Sunday.

Fenerbahce was frustrated to draw 1-1 at home to Kayseri Erciyesspor on Wednesday evening. That result helped neither team to achieve its goals, as Fenerbahce lost dropped critical points at a time when it was already trailing leader Galatasaray by one point. Moussa Sow, Fenerbahce’s top scorer, did not make the difference against Erciyes.

“We got a goal, then we conceded one. We had no creativity in the first half, we were mediocre,” coach ismail Kartal said. “We had lots of shots, but we could not win. We only managed to get one point. Sometimes even if you really want it, it does not work out. This was one of those.”

Failing to lift Fenerbahce to the championship could spell trouble for Kartal as the Yellow Canaries consider everything but the title as a loss. Even coaches who lead Fenerbahce to the title sometimes abandon ship after one season because of the intense pressure, as in the case of Ersin Yanal, who secured the championship for the club last season.Staying on top

Galatasaray was on top with 70 points and Fenerbahce second with 67 going into the weekend’s games, which means the Yellow Canaries still have a chance to leapfrog the Lions to the title. Beiiktai were in trouble, four points adrift of top spot.

The critical match will likely be the Galatasaray-Beiiktai derby in a week’s time. If Galatasaray wins that key battle, nothing may stop them from winning the war. Though given the results of its closest rivals in the last few games, it seems that the underdogs are the ones to fear.

By then, top keeper Fernando Muslera will be back in action following his suspension due to an accumulation of yellow cards. He earned one in the Mersin idman Yurdu match where he saved what would have been critical goals to keep the Lions on top.

Galatasaray’s other key man is playmaker Selcuk inan, who will be fit and ready to make the difference.

If Beiiktai wins the derby, the playing field will be evened out assuming this weekend’s matches go to the top three. In that scenario, everything will fall to the last match of the season to determine the championship. But the Lions can prevent all of that stress and excitement by just defeating the Eagles, like they did in their first match of this season.

If that happens, Fenerbahce will be lying in wait, ready to surpass the Lions.

“We are going to continue as long as there is still a mathematical possibility in this race,” Kartal said. “We have 67 points. We are going to win the last three games and fight until the end.” But drawing recent matches is likely to have left a psychological mark on players, something that Beiiktai and Fenerbahce are going to be hard pressed to overcome.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman