Where did Fenerbahe’s league title aspirations go?

After a strange match with Istanbul Baiakiehir on Monday night, Fenerbahandce kissed its championship ambitions goodbye and confirmed its runner-up spot with a week to go, but what happened to the mighty Yellow Canaries of last year?
Fenerbahandce was the runaway leader last year and won the title three weeks in aance. The squad was largely intact from last year to this. Newly crowned champion Galatasaray was troubled throughout much of the season with a coach change in the first half.
and”We saw what happened to these players, trainers, the chairman, the management who fought so hard for the future of the club, their careers and their daily bread this season. We wanted to take this fight to the very end with the sweat of our brow, our honor and our pride and I think we did,and” Fenerbahandce coach ismail Kartal told the press after Fenerbahandceand’s 2-2 draw with Baiakiehir.
By all accounts, the Canaries should have been a shoe-in for a very critical title. Yet Galatasarayand’s Lions have earned their fourth star with their 20th Spor Toto Super League championship, before arch-rival Fenerbahandce, so it is a particularly prestigious win.
The Istanbul powerhouse even faltered in the Ziraat Turkish Cup, having just lost out to Bursaspor in the semifinals, so the Canaries have ended up empty-handed this year. They can take comfort in the fact that at least they will be allowed to enter the UEFA Champions League next season, but only a championship is enough for Fenerbahandce.
The Canariesand’ first sign of trouble would come before the season even began, with the departure of Ersun Yanal, the coach who led them to such a solid victory last season. Yanal was pushed out of the club weeks before the season started. At the time, chasing away a championship-winning coach seemed questionable at best. Now, it seems even more careless.
h2Kartaland’s reignh2 Bringing in ismail Kartal was another strange decision. Kartal was an assistant under Aykut Kocaman, another champion-winning trainer who was disposed of after the previous season. Kartal has had a decent coaching career, but he had never headed up a big club before taking the reins at Fenerbahandce, having managed teams such as Malatyaspor, Orduspor, Altay and Sivasspor. He has had two stints as assistant coach and two in the youth program at Fenerbahandce.
None of this seems to have prepared him for the big team. Though Fenerbahandce kept up with the eventual champion until almost the end, Kartal made questionable decisions throughout the season, cementing the perception that he is not of the caliber required to coach the Canaries.
He insisted on starting under-achieving Emmanuel Emenike, much to the bewilderment of pundits and the dismay of fans, who had begun to boo the Nigeria striker and call for his removal on even minor mistakes.
Kartal inexplicably sidelined Brazil midfielder Diego Ribas, the very player who finally scored against Istanbul Baiakiehir to help the Canaries, for much of the season. Had he been given a more central role in the Canariesand’ strategy, perhaps they would be in a better situation.
In any case, not removing successful coaches might have yielded better results. But it seems to be a theme with Fenerbahandce. Galatasaray started the season with Cesare Prandelli, but when he failed to deliver, he was sent packing with enough time in the season for incoming Hamza Hamzaoilu to turn around the Lionsand’ fortunes.
Kartal failed to capture stability in the end, losing points against small-time teams at critical points in the championship race. That is why Galatasaray became the winningest team in Turkey, while Fenerbahandce remains on 19 titles, now one behind the Lions in Turkish league history.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman