What hope do Turkish nationalists present?

A veiled threat that I received the other day while I was talking on TV is quite illuminating concerning the main obstacles facing the formation of a coalition government in Turkey.
The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has long been talking about bringing an end to the Kurdish peace process. After the general election, this is also their number one precondition to forming a coalition with any other political party. I was criticizing this approach of the MHP on TV. I said that if the MHP wants to be a central party and wishes to take votes from the Justice and Development Party (AKP), it needs to change its and”reactionaryand” attitude and it has to reveal its policy about the EU, the Kurdish question and so on.
After all, neither the Kurdish question in Turkey nor the environment surrounding this country are the same as they were in the past. Is the MHP really proposing to turn to armed conflict with the Kurdistan Workersand’ Party (PKK), in a Middle East in which Kurds are the only effective force fighting against the Islamic State (IS)? Should Turkey prefer Kurds or Islamist extremists as a neighbor?
Is it not high time for Turkish nationalists to revise their stance towards Kurdish question? If they really want to protect Turkeyand’s borders, why not look to Kurds — who seems immune to sectarian conflicts — in a different, friendlier manner? I was more or less talking like this on TV. Then, our programand’s anchorman said that the vice chairman of the MHP would like to join our program via telephone. This gentleman said that and”no one could give directions to the MHPand” and that he was and”warningand” me! Well, given the violent past of the MHP, everyone of course understands that this warning implies physical violence. To be honest, I was quite surprised to receive such a message from the level that this gentleman represents. I did not use any derogative words against his party I did not even use any harsh words or satire. I was just doing simple political analysis. How on earth could my humble criticism and political analysis stir such anger and prompt this gentleman to use threatening language?
Well, if he did not totally misunderstand my words, then I believe my friendly suggestion to Turkish nationalists to revise their stance towards the Kurdish question was perceived as a threat to the status quo this party represents. They must wish that no one in their constituency questions their rigid stance towards the Kurdish question. They must find some potential questions that may be asked by voters annoying. The rigid stance they represent is the number one obstacle before any fruitful coalition that could be formed in this country.
I also could not help asking myself what the MHP represents when it comes to freedom of expression. I do not remember AKP officials threatening people on live TV. What would the mentality that is represented by this gentleman do if it came to power?
Well, when it comes to democracy and freedom of expression, our problems are much more complex than can simply be attributed to the shortcomings of the ruling party. The MHP seems to have the key for a coalition to be formed by opposition parties and it seems to me that there are serious difficulties preventing the use of this key in any fruitful manner.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman