Wedding shoot out in Turkey leaves 23 people wounded

OSMANIYE (CIHAN)- A shoot out at a wedding ceremony in Turkey’s southern province of Osmaniye left 23 people wounded.

Besides wedding participants, three police officers who were called to the scene have also been wounded. A criminal case has been filed, the investigation is underway
Among 23 wounded people are 3 police officers, who have been called to the scene of the incident.

The cause of incident is still being investigated.

Monday, April 14, 2014
-Various of alcohol drinks’ bottles on the table

-Pieces of broken chairs
-Various of the scenes
-Policemen hold some inspections at the scene
-Various of alcohol bottles
-Some people are being removed from the scene
-Broken window of police car
-Police car which was hit during the incident
-Var of bottles of alcohol
-Var of eyewitness who makes speech about the incident