Wedding season to bolster markets with TL 15 bln inflow

Roughly 600,000 couples are preparing to tie the knot this summer, resulting in TL 15 million spent on weddings and related expenses, said Turkish Tradesmen and Artisansand’ Confederation (TESK)hairman Bendevi PalandandOken in a statement on Tuesday.
and”The summer months are Turkeyand’s active and fruitful months. Crops are being harvested from the fields and our citizens living abroad are returning home on vacation. These together result in an increase in weddings. Every year around 600,000 weddings and engagement ceremonies rejuvenate the markets,and” PalandandOken said.
and”When we say the wedding sector, we mean movers, household appliance salesmen, jewelers, printers, wedding halls, hairdressers, cake bakers, textile producers, florists, taxi drivers, real estate agents and contractors,and” said PalandandOken.
The provinces with the highest numbers of weddings last year were Kilis, Adiyaman and Van, while the provinces with the fewest new marriages were andcanakkale, Gandumanduihane and Kastamonu, according to PalandandOken.
The TESK chairman added that the holy month of Ramadan, which begins in June of this year, will be beneficial to wedding hall owners, as the halls can be used for hosting fast-breaking iftar meals.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman