Water level reaches critic level in River Maritsa

EDIRNE: As water level of River Maritsa fall into decline in Bulgarian side, on the contrary, is on the rise in Turkish side has reached to the alerming level.

Increasing water level in Bulgarian dams led to releasing waters from the reservoirs which have caused to risen on the water levels in River Maritsa and River Tunca and triggered a havoc across the Turkish eastern province of Edirne where Maritsa flow across.

Reportedly the water level in Tunca and Maritsa caused submerge in many arable lands and neighborhoods.

After the rising level has reached to the critic level, Fatih and Tunca Bridges were closed to the traffic. Transportation on the direction to Karaagac is being supplied in a controlled manner. Edirne Municipality Mayor Recep Gurkan said that to prevent this scenes, new projects must me realized across Edirne.

Water level in per second in River Tunca, on which the rising water level nearly come an end has reached to 248 cubic meters and 1.321 cubic meters in Maritsa.

Meanwhile, low areas of Izzet Arseven City Forest were submerged and waters entered to the some gardens of the enterprise. It is also predicted that melting the snows in Bulgaria will also cause a serious floods in Edirne.