Water level reaches critic level in Bulgaria after seasonal snowmelt starts

EDIRNE: As the snowmelt starts with the coming of spring, water levels have reached to critic levels in Bulgaria’s Tundza and Maritsa rivers.

With the arrival of seasonal warm front, the snow on the ground started to melt rapidly in Bulgaria, where heavy snowfalls were observed in early March. Accordingly, the water level in Arda, Maritsa and Tundza rivers increased to record high while several residential areas and agricultural areas along the banks of the rivers hit by floods.

The water levels have increased to critical levels in Turkey also in each of the three rivers. Several bridges on the Maritsa and Tundza rivers inundated under the flood waters. According to the statement that was made by municipality of western Edirne province recent measurements during the day showed that the level of the water slightly decreased but the flood threats still exist.