Voter turnout hits 32.44 % in Azerbaijan’s municipal election as of 15:00

Baku: As of 15:00, voter turnout in the municipal election hit 32.44 % in Azerbaijan, said chief of the CEC`s information center Rufat Gulmammadov, APA reports.

He said that 1,563,357 voters of 4, 819 382 have cast their ballots till 15:00. “The top election districts with the highest turnout include Gusar constituency #51 and Guba-Gusar constituency #52. The lowest voter turnout was recorded in 4 constituencies in Ganja and constituency #21 of Nasimi first polling station.

CEC received over 80 appeals as of 15:00 related to getting some information. There is no complaint among these appeals.

CEC will also release information about voting turnout at 17:00 and 19:00.