Visit Shamakhi to familiarize with ‘Maestros of Azerbaijani literature’

By: Amina Nazarli

The Azerbaijani Culture and Tourism Ministry will organize an exhibition of the portraits of popular Azerbaijani writers, created by prominent national artists as part of the “From the capital to the regions” project.

Called “Maestros of Azerbaijan literature in the collection of the National Museum of Art,” the exposition will be held in the Shamakhi region on October 29.

Portraits of such great Azerbaijani writers and poets including Nizami Ganjavi, Fuzuli, Nasimi, Khagani, Molla Panakh Vagif, Mirza Shafi, Natavan, Mirza Fatali Akhundzade, Mirza Alekber Sabir will be put on display. The impressive artworks have been created by outstanding artists like Sattar Bahlulzade, Tahir Salakhov, Najafgulu, Mikayil Abdullayev, Sadig Sharifzade, Oktay Sadigzade and Gazanfar Khaligov.

Meanwhile, the Ministry is hosting the “From the regions to the capital” project, aimed at familiarizing Baku residents and guests with social and economic development, the ancient and rich culture and traditions of the region and to promote the country’s tourism potential. And so far, the project has already covered Masalli, Gabala, Guba, Sheki, Gadabay, Ismayilli and Shamkir regions.

This time the organizers decided to conversely attract capital residents to beautiful Shamakhi, rich with fresh mountainous air, cool spring water and spectacular views.

Located in a region 135km from Baku, Shamakhi used to be a capital city itself centuries ago. The ancient city found of the 5th century BC was the center of the powerful Shirvan kingdom in 11-16th centuries.

Once a main stop along the Great Silk Road, Shamakhi is home to famous Azerbaijani poets, philosophers and thinkers, which is why choosing the region as the host is not by accident.

Shamakhi has always attracted people for its flamboyant nature. Exceptional nature and mild climate adorn the city and its suburbs, which are famous for their shady forests and green meadows. The region is also well known as a center for winemaking and carpet weaving.

Despite being located on an active seismic zone, the city retains its many historical monuments. The “must see” attractions in Shamakhi are Juma mosque with its two minarets, the mausoleum of Shahihandan and Diri-Baba, the tomb of the Shirvan Khans, the ruins of the Gulistan citadel and the Gala-Bugurt fortress