Viktor Yushchenko: “20 percent of Azerbaijani territories was occupied, Georgia lost their lands, Ukraine continues to lose, but the world is still silent, why? “

Baku: Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has asked for the help of the countries and the international organizations, participating at the forum in Baku.

Viktor Yushchenko unexpectedly took the floor on one of the panels of the second Global Shared Societies Forum organized by the Nizami Ganjavi International Center, the Club of Madrid, with support of the Azerbaijan State Committee for Work with Diaspora and with joint cooperation of World Academy of Art and Sciences, UN, Library of Alexandria, and other organizations

He turned from his seat to the forum participants and international organizations: “If today we are talking about global security, we must find ways to eliminate severe threat posed to Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe and the surrounding regions. During these years 20% of Azerbaijani lands were occupied, Georgia has lost part of its territory, and now Ukraine continues to lose, in fact is subjected to the occupation. But all of you are silent, the whole world is silent. Why?”

Yushchenko said that all of occupations are incited or made by ​​official Moscow: “Russia with a big appetite continues its occupation, using the silence of the international community . Nobody asks why these occupation and why they continue. Is the world so unfair? ”

Yushchenko called on to solve problems arising in the region: ” If we analyze what is happening, we see that at the heart of all this is the conflict between democracy and Moscow’s monarchy. Therefore, we should start everything from this.”

According to the ex – president of Ukraine, many questions depend on solidarity: “If we are not in solidarity, then we will lose in Nagorno Karabakh, Abkhazia and Crimea. Do not forget, an alarm that was heard in recent days, is calling for all of us. Because, all these conflicts can not be bilateral and local. They are geopolitical and affect us all. We must put an end to it. ”