Vice-speaker of parliament: One cannot speak to Azerbaijan with language of pressure

Baku: For us, one of the most striking cases is that some members of the European Parliament are conducting even a series of smear campaigns against Azerbaijan.

Vice-speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament, co-chair of the Azerbaijan-EU parliamentary cooperation group Valeh Alasgarov made the remarks Wednesday at the discussions held in the parliament with the participation of MPs and NGO representatives.

Making a speech during the discussions devoted to the anti-Azerbaijani campaign in Europe, as well as the hearings held by the European Parliament on Azerbaijan, Alasgarov said that this is a continuous process controlled from a center.

“Recently, traitor Alikram Humbatov was invited to hearings at the European Parliament. Inviting a traitor leaving the front is an indication of their true intentions. Unlike other countries, Azerbaijan pursues an independent policy, and it doesn’t need anyone’s help. There are enough platforms for European politicians’ building operation with Azerbaijan and criticizing and praising it. They should talk to us like partners. We cannot accept otherwise.

There is a mission called Eastern Partnership. It is represented by 10 deputies from each partner countries along with the 60 deputies from Europe. Though they are called partners, they do not want to speak to us on equal terms. They speak to us with the language of pressure. We repeatedly appealed to the European Parliament and proposed them to hold an event in Baku and clarify the problem if they have any complaints about Azerbaijan.

However, they don’t meet face to face. Turkey is not accepted to the European Union for 60 years. It was immediately accepted by NATO because of security issue. As for the humanitarian and economic issues, Turkey is not allowed close. Because religion and ethnicity are key factors for them,” he noted.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency