Veteran couple smothered in southern Turkey

A veteran couple, who were not received any news by their relatives for a while, was found dead in their houses, located in the southern province of Mersin on Sunday.

It is estimated that the couple was killed as their jewels were stolen and the drawers were shuffled in the house.

The relatives, who could not receive any news from the couple Fethi ,57, Ayla ,54, the parents of three children, resided in 110045 Street in Arpacsakarlar neighborhood in Toroslar district, called the police. Having been doubt about the situation, the relatives entered the house from the roof. They encountered the Fethi Korkmaz’s dead body in the saloon and Ayla Korkmaz’s dead body in the bedroom.

Arriving at the scene, security elements took the security measures and made people away from the scene. After the crime science investigation units and public prosecutor’s inspection, the couple were taken to Toros State Hospital. It was stated that the couple were smothered by a scarf and their jewels were stolen.

An investigation was launched into the incident.