US think tank says polarization likely to rise in Turkey after elections

Polarization and social tensions are likely to rise in Turkey regardless of the outcome of the elections scheduled for June 7, a recently released report by a think tank based in Washington, D.C. has said.
and”The outcome of the voting will likely be decided by two dynamics: the performance of the pro-Kurdish Peoplesandrsquo Democratic Party (HDP) and the freedom of the election. Regardless of the result, polarization and social tensions in Turkey are almost certain to riseandmdashand potentially boil overandmdashwhile, at least in the short term, the troubled US-Turkey relationship is unlikely to improve,and” the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) said it its report titled and”New Turkey or New Government? The June 2015 Parliamentary Election.and”
Stating that this election will determine whether Turkeyandrsquos president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party)an achieve their ambition to create a and”New Turkeyand” or whether there will be a shift in powerandmdashto an AK Party-led coalition government or potentially even a government without the AK Party, the report said stressed there is a very real fear of fraud in this election.
Recalling that only a few votes will determine whether the HDP surpasses the 10 percent threshold, creating incentive for vote tampering, the report said such concerns are not unjustified. and”The local elections of March 2014 were marred by an unprecedented number of accusations of irregularities and vote-rigging in the AK Partyandrsquos favor. While it remains to be seen whether the ballot-casting itself will be free, the fairness of Turkeyandrsquos upcoming parliamentary election is already a foregone conclusion the playing field is hardly level. Indeed, opposition parties have complained to the board overseeing the elections about extensive and disproportionate media coverage of Erdogan and [Prime Minister] Ahmet Davutoilu at official events that are essentially thinly-veiled AK Party propaganda, but their appeals have been rejected, casting doubts on the boardandrsquos willingness to safeguard the fairness of the vote,and” the report stressed.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman