US polling firm AJF says pleased with holding exit-poll in Azerbaijan

Baku: Citizens’ Labor Rights Protection League Chairman Sahib Mammadov, the executive director of the U.S. polling firm Arthur J. Finkelstein & Associates (AJF) Barbara Fiala and AJF operations manager Jo Anne B. Barnhart held a joint press conference on Oct.29.

Mammadov said that the Citizens’ Labor Rights Protection League and the US firm AJF will jointly hold an exit-poll during the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan to be held on Nov.1. “The exit-poll will be conducted at 1,053 polling stations for 118 constituencies and the results will be made public at 9:00pm, two hours after the end of the voting.

AJF operations manager in turn said that an extensive exit-poll is scheduled to be held during the upcoming parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.

“Recalling that the AJF was also involved in an exit-poll during the 2013 presidential elections in Azerbaijan, she said some time ago the firm conducted a pre-election poll which aroused interest in the international arena,” said Barnhart.

The operations manager went on to add that they are pleased with holding the exit-poll in Azerbaijan.

On Oct.20, the Central Election Commission approved the appeal of the Citizens’ Labor Rights Protection League for holding a joint exit-poll with the US firm AJF.