US Georgetown University Imam Yahya Hendi visits Guba Genocide Memorial Complex

Imam of US Georgetown University Yahya Hendi, who is on a visit to Azerbaijan to attend “US Days” organized by the country’s embassy in Azerbaijan, has visited the Guba Genocide Memorial Complex.

The visitor was informed about the genocide committed by the Armenians against Azerbaijanis, APA’s north bureau reported.

He was told that the Guba genocide mass burial site was discovered during an excavation in the area in April 1, 2007. The corpses of more than 400 humans at different ages were found in the area. Among the 400 corpses, 50 are child corpses, 100 women, and the rest elderly men. The Armenians have also killed some people from other nations living in Azerbaijan.

Yahya Hendi said that after the visit to the mass grave site he is now informed about such a tragedy Azerbaijanis has suffered.

“I prayed for peace, for your lands to be returned. I prayed no one shall suffer. I’m saddened by this event. No one should suffer for their religion, belief or language,” he said.

The imam noted that it is the first time he has made a visit to Azerbaijan, stressing that there have been considerable changes in Azerbaijan since his first visit.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency