University of Hong Kong attracts Azerbaijani students

By: Amina Nazarli

More and more Azerbaijani young people get an opportunity to get higher education abroad. The University of Hong Kong, one of the leading Chinese universities, is among those universities wishing to see smart youngsters to achieve their goals.

To this end, a delegation from the UHK made a very fruitful trip to Azerbaijan back in November.

The delegation of the university including Professor John Spinks visited Azerbaijan’s Baku State University.

They attended a meeting with officials from the BSU, during which the two sides discussed opportunities for collaboration.

The BSU has already established relations with several universities of China. Also, Confucius Institute operates at the BSU, where local students study Chinese language and culture, but it does not have yet any collaboration with institutions in Hong Kong. The UHK hopes to be the first Hong Kong based university to set up such a partnership.

The two sides explored possible collaboration in the fields of law, Applied English studies, and undergraduate student exchange, among others.

During their short visit to Baku, the delegation’s members also toured the city and were astonished with discovering Baku, a beautiful, friendly, safe and welcoming city.

Noting that it would be a great destination for their own students, the delegation noted that the UHK will consider a semester or a year of academic exchange, or a summer program between two sides. The university aims to begin offering such opportunities to UHK students in the near future (through partnership with BSU or other local institutions) so that they can discover the fascinating culture and warmth of Azerbaijan.

The delegation also attended a meeting at the Azerbaijani Education Ministry where they learnt more about the state scholarship program and opportunities to bring more Azerbaijani students into Hong Kong. The UHK have currently just one student from Azerbaijan on its campus, but is very much looking forward to having more students from Azerbaijan.

The UHK emphasized that it does not attract international students for financial gain – on the contrary, the tuition fees are set at a level well below the actual cost. “It values only the intellectual capital that they bring to the university .That is why the university is interested in attracting top students from Azerbaijan to study in Hong Kong.”

The government has agreed upon a set of conditions to help international students who wish to study at the UHK, including scholarships. Around 7,000 of our total 27,000 students were from outside Hong Kong, covering nearly 100 different nationalities, last year.

The annual intake of new undergraduates is around 3,000, and these are typically selected from around 50,000 applications, making the academic standards amongst the highest in Asia.

“Azerbaijani students will look at the options of studying in Hong Kong because of its low cost, high safety, and high quality education, as well as job and trade opportunities with, the rapidly developing economies of South-East Asia. The UHK, in particular, being often ranked as the best university in Asia, has a reputation for its highly competitive admission standards, with only 1 out of every 13-15 applicants being able to secure a place there. In this respect, the old silk route between the regions is rapidly replaced by a new educational silk route.”