UNICEF open temporary learning centers for kids in quake-hit Nepal

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been setting up several child friendly spaces and temporary learning centers across Nepal in an effort to get kids back to school.

Following two major earthquakes on 25 April and 12 May, schools in Nepal are set to reopen on the 31st of May.

UNICEF has distributed 1175 early childhood development kits to seven of the earthquake-affected districts including Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Dhading, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha and Ramechhap. The kits include recreational items such as learning blocks, puzzles, puppets, picture books, and positively impact children’s psychology.

On this first day of school, thousands of children whose schools were destroyed or heavily damaged will have classes in temporary learning centres supported by UNICEF and other partners.

UNICEF is working closely with the Nepalese Ministry of Education and partners to get all children back to school as soon as possible, while also assuring safe learning environments and emotional support for children.

More than 100 teams of structural engineers are working across the affected districts to gather data on level of damage and identify safe and unsafe classrooms. More than 1230 school blocks have already been structurally assessed. However, much remains to be done as hundreds of thousands of children will not be able to return to school.

Across nearly two dozen districts affected by the earthquake 1.7 million children remain in urgent need of humanitarian aid.



UNICEF Child Friendly Space under a tent

Children waving at the camera

Inside the child friendly space

Various shots, little girl placing alphabets on board

Girl playing with blocks

Kids singing

Various shots, girl playing

Various shots, school staff getting the temporary learning center ready, putting tents up

Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School

Various shots, child friendly place that’s been set up

Staff preparing the space

Indu Dangol pinning chart to wall

Various shots, damaged classroom with cracks on wall

Various shots, damaged and collapsed houses

SOUNDBITE (Nepalese) Shiva Bhusal, UNICEF Early Childhood Development Specialist:

“The children of this village are very happy here to engage themselves with different kinds of playing materials, recreational materials.”

SOUNDBITE (Nepalese) Shiva Bhusal, UNICEF Early Childhood Development Specialist:

” We have this kind of child friendly space – around 12 in surrounding areas of Kathmandu but there are so many more outside of Kathmandu valley that we have supported”

SOUNDBITE (Nepalese) Indu Dangol, Teacher:

“Here, children will have an opportunity to study in a safe and fear free environment and the children traumatized due to the earthquake will feel better and safe here.”

SOUNDBITE (Nepalese) Indu Dangol, Teacher:

“During the first week…month, we mainly engage the children in extra- curricular activities rather than focusing on academic curriculum. Extra-curricular activities include stories, songs and child friendly games.