UNESCO chief: We must support cultural diversity

Baku: The Baku process began in 2008. Each passing day, we witness President Ilham Aliyev’s farsightedness in this initiative of his, UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova said Monday at the 3rd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Baku.

The director general noted that initiatives of UNESCO’s goodwill ambassador, Mehriban Aliyeva, are essential. UNESCO organized an exhibition named “From antiquity to modernity” past week. Works by Mehseti Ganjavi were displayed at the exhibition,” she said.

Irina Bokova said cultures are different but mutual respect is important, adding that freedom of expression has to be ensured in the world. “Extremism is an assault on cultural values. Education is an essential means of fighting this,” she noted.

The director general also added that critical approach has to be developed in order for us to evaluate our actions.

“The development digital technology must play a role in the protection of human rights. This will be the theme for the upcoming UNESCO conference next month. Cultural diversity is just another name of human dignity, and we must support cultural diversity,” she stressed.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency