Unending friendship between storks and people

MERSIN (CIHAN)- Residents of KurtuluI neighborhood in southern Turkish city of Mersin’s Silfke district have been living with storks since 30 years.

KurtuluI Neighbored may one of the distinguish examples of human and animal cohabitation and may also be described as the example of the natural solidarity between humans and the animal in the same habitat.

Describing the richness of the abundance of wetlands in the region, a resident said that storks come there every April and nesting on the poles between the streets.

“We have been living together with storks since 30 years. Every year they come in certain period. They copulate in their nest until August then fly with their nestlings to other destinations,” said a villager

Another villager said they get used to very much to these creatures and they are pleased with them.

According to the villager every year paired storks make 30 nestles at this neighborhood and nourishes them by hunting mice and snakes and bring them to their nest to feed their nestlings.