Ukraine has restored control over airport in eastern Ukraine

Baku: The Ukrainian army took control of the airport in the Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk, APA reports quoting the Associated Press.

The clash came hours after Ukraine’s acting president announced an “anti-terrorist operation” against the armed, pro-Russian insurgents who had seized control of a number of buildings in at least nine cities in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine’s government says the insurgents are being stirred up by paid operatives from Russia. They are demanding closer ties with Moscow, and many local security forces have switched to their side.

Tuesday’s clashes came at an airport just south of the city of Slovyansk. The city has come under the increasing control of the gunmen who seized it last weekend.

There are conflicting reports of casualties. The coordinator of a pro-Russian defense force says two people were slightly hurt. Russian media claim anywhere from four to 11 casualties at the airport. Ukraine’s government says there were none.