Two racing drivers rescued alive after their car tumbles over many times

MUGLA: Two racing drivers were rescued alive from a car, which tumbled down over several times during the Akdeniz off Road Race (Mediterranean off Road Race) held in Turkish province of Mugla. Two people, who were in the car during the accident, had a close brush with death. Race car accident was caught on tape.

Kicking off in Cakirlar region of Antalya by courtesy of Turkish Motor Sports Federation and organized by Antalya Motor Sports Federation, colorful and highly exciting off Roads races witnessed highly interesting accident.

According to the video that a 8 km long downward-sloping tough stage very hard to finish, witnessed many accidents in which a car competing with the number of 14 driven by Siyami Tokatli and Ali Guclu, suddenly started to tumbled down over while trying to pass the stage.

After tumbling many times, car hardly stopped by hitting the trees. Soon after the incident, Tokatli and Guclu were rescued by the other competitors and were taken to the nearby hospital.

Terrible moments were caught on tape by a mobile phone second by second.

In the video is seen a racing car tumbling after entering the tough stage, and their rescue.