Two Iraqi refugees freeze to death after being beaten by Bulgarian police

EDIRNE: Two Iraqi refugees border who allegedly were ruthlessly beaten by Bulgarian police after being caught while they were trying to cross into the country from illegal ways have been found perished from the cold on Turkish –Bulgarian border.

The journey of 17 Iraqi Yazidi refugees to the hope ended with frustration and tragedy on Turkish-Bulgarian borderline. Although they managed to escape terrorist ISIL threat in their motherlands, they couldn’t avoid the death that caught them within the borders of a European country. Reportedly the group consisting of Yazidi refugees hit the road from Turkey aiming to reach to Germany.

As legal procedures makes it almost impossible for them to travel to European Union countries, refugees tried their chance via illegal ways. But their hope ended with another tragedy after they were captured by Bulgarian border guards within the borders of the country. According to the reports of the witnesses, Bulgarian police officers beat them mercilessly seized their cellphones and money and forced them to return back to Turkey from the way they came.

Receiving information about the incident Turkish gendarmerie forces set to seek refugee group along the borderline and found ten of them alive. Later on, Turkish security forces reached to the dead bodies of refugees, Dalil Murat Ilyas Mohammed Jawad Kadhim who were frozen to death.

One of the refugees Haji Halo talked to journalists about what they went through in Bulgaria.