Twenty nine missing not found in spite of all efforts – special headquarters

Baku: The fire on the offshore platform #10 at the Gunashli field is expected to be put out tomorrow, Balamirza Agharahimov, head engineer at the Azerbaijani production union Azneft said at the briefing.

“According to information for 5:00 p.m., 29 missing people have not been found in spite of all efforts. Vessels and helicopters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Ganjlik Department continue searches”, he added.

Agharahimov said that the Caspian Shipping Company’s vessel, which has additional equipment on board, has been involved in the fire-fighting: “Our specialists were able to get on the platform and to evaluate the situation on the spot. Moreover, a plan has been developed to supply them with equipment,” he said, adding that water is currently being provided to the faulty platform from a neighboring one. The fire is expected to be put out tomorrow”.

The fire is expected to be put out tomorrow.