TurkStat: Population of children decreasing

A recent report prepared by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) reveals that the population of children in Turkey has been steadily decreasing since 1935 and that the proportion of children in the entire population is expected to fall to 17.6 percent by 2075.

TurkStat released its “Children in Statistics” report on Tuesday, which revealed that while children constituted 45 percent of the whole population in 1935, the ratio fell to 30 percent in 2012 and then to 29.7 percent in 2013. “Developments such as urbanization, increases in women’s educational opportunities and women’s active participation in working life have reduced fertility, caused women to postpone having children and caused a decrease in the average number of children for each woman in Turkey. Those changes have caused a decrease in the proportion of children in the total population,” the TurkStat report stated.

According to the report’s predictions, the proportion of children in the total population of Turkey will decrease to 25.7 percent in 2023, 19.1 percent in 2050 and to 17.6 percent in 2075.

By assessing the population of children according to age groups, TurkStat found that 27.3 percent of the population of children in 2013 was between the ages of 0-4; 27.6 percent were aged between 5-9; 28 percent between 10-14; and 17.2 percent between 15-17.

Turkey has more children than EU states

The TurkStat report also showed that Turkey had a larger population of children than European Union member states in 2013. The report stated that Turkey’s 2013 population ratio of 29.7 percent children was higher than the rates of any country in the EU. Of all the EU states, Germany had the lowest population of children at 16 percent; other countries’ data for 2013 were as follows: 22.2 percent in France; 21.2 percent in England; 20.2 percent in Sweden; 17.6 percent in Greece; and 16.8 percent in Italy.

In terms of provinces, Sirnak had the highest population of children in 2013 with 48.8 percent, followed by Sanliurfa with 48 percent and Agri with 46.3 percent. The province with the lowest rate in 2013 was Tunceli with 18.2 percent, followed by Edirne with 19.7 percent and Canakkale with 19.9 percent.

According to the 2013 birth statistics included in the TurkStat report, a total of 1,283,062 children were born in Turkey in 2013. Of those, 51.4 percent were male and 48.6 were female.

Most popular name for girls is Zeynep; for boys, Yusuf

A recent report by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) has revealed that the most popular name for girls in 2013 was Zeynep, while the most common name for boys was Yusuf.

The report stated that after Zeynep, the names Elif and Ecrin were very popular in 2013. According to the report, Berat and Mustafa were the other most popular male names given that year, after Yusuf. The report also revealed that Mehmet, Yusuf and Mustafa were the most common names for boys between the ages of 0-17, while Zeynep, Elif and Merve were the most popular names for girls in the 0-17 age group.

The same report also showed that the average age at which children start to use computers is 8; the average age to start using the Internet is 9 and the average age to start using to use mobile phone is 10.