Turks buy nearly 2 million homes in Germany

France ranked a distant second with a much lower figure of 120,000 homes.

Turks own 1.8 million homes in Germany, according to figures from a study conducted by Turkish consultancy firm Nova Group Holding. Homes were purchased by Turks in Germany at much higher rates than in any other country, largely owing to the high number of Turkish guest workers who settled in Germany in the 1960s.

Many workers arrived and signed short-term contracts, expecting to return to Turkey, though a large number ended up staying and never went home. Although guest workers also came from other European countries, Turks arrived in the highest numbers. They are now the largest minority group in Germany, numbering around 3 million. Forty-five percent of Turks living in Germany have purchased homes, according to the figures, and Berlin was the city in Europe where the highest number of Turks were found to be homeowners. Germany’s capital has the largest Turkish population of any city outside of Turkey, though around a third of Turks living in the country reside in and around the cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf.

Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, the United States and Sweden were next in line after Germany and France. The most popular American cities for Turkish homeowners are New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Diego, according to the figures.