TurkPA: Parliamentary elections well-organized in Azerbaijan

By: Aynur Karimova

The parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan have been well-organized, Serikzhan Kanayev, the head of the TurkPA observation mission, the member of the Kazakh parliament, said at a press conference on November 2.

“The voters quietly come to the polling stations,” he said. “The voting process was democratic, free and transparent.”

The head of the TurkPA mission also noted that the mission held a series of meetings with the officials of the Central Election Commission, as well as Chairman of the CEC Mazahir Panahov.

TurkPA Secretary General Jandos Asanov, in turn, expressed gratitude for created conditions.

According to the TurkPA observation mission, the elections in Azerbaijan meet international legal norms, the election process was fair and lawful.

Azerbaijan held parliamentary elections to the parliament on November 1. As many as 503 international observers from 40 organizations and over 66,000 local observers watched the parliamentary election in Azerbaijan.

This year some 767 candidates are running for 125 seats in the country’s supreme legislative body.

The CEC has already declared election valid at all the polling stations. It has also announced the preliminary results of the election. According to the results, the voter turnout at the election was 55.7 percent.

Over 2.89 million voters cast their ballots during the election, which is six percent more than in the previous elections.