Turkmens re-take control of Kızıldag hill from Syrian forces

After an exchange of heavy gunfire between the Turkmen groups and the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad early on Friday, the Turkmens had re-taken control of Kızıldag by 6 a.m. Turkmen forces also captured two tanks from the Syrian army.

Yesterday, the Syrian army deployed armored vehicles, heavy machine guns and troops to Kızıldag after recapturing it. The hills have strategic importance for the Turkmens, as they overlook 10 nearby villages where Bayırbucak Turkmens live.

Syrian forces — supported by Russian air and land forces — started a military ground operation in Bayırbucak this week, where there are about 50 Turkmen villages, and have been pounding the mountainous area where Turkmens live. Turkmens are an ethnic Turkic group living mostly in Syria and Iraq, along with Arabs and Kurds.


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