Turkmenistan sees rise in int’l freight flows

The Turkmen government reported that the volume of cargo transported by all vehicles increased by 11 percent in Turkmenistan in January-March 2014.

The dynamics of growth in this area is as follows: the Ministry of Road Transport – 102.9 percent , the State Service of Maritime and River Transport – 128.7 percent, Turkmenistan Airlines – 132.7 percent compared to 2013, according to the report.

Turkmenistan borders with Kazakhstan, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan onshore and with Azerbaijan, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Iran offshore. The implementation of the regional transport projects has been recently intensified. The Turkmenbashi seaport is expected to be reconstructed. The highways are being modernized.

The project for connecting the railroads on the Kazakh-Turkmen border was launched in May 2013.

Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan have been implementing the North-South project with Iran since 2007. Currently, the operations are underway to connect the railways of Iran and Turkmenistan.

This regional project will provide the European and Asian countries with a way to Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. Moreover, the construction of another transport highway – Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan was launched in 2013. China, Kyrgyzstan and Iran may join it.

Regarding air traffic, the flight routes are being expanded. Besides domestic flights, Turkmenhavayollari (Turkmen airlines) makes regular flights to various cities worldwide such as Moscow, London, Frankfurt, Birmingham, Bangkok, Delhi, Dubai, Minsk, Almaty, Istanbul and Kiev. The flight routes are being constantly expanded. The flights have been recently made to St. Petersburg, Donetsk and Lviv.