Turkish transporters lament lack of state support at major trade fair

A group of Turkish transportation firms that attended the world’s largest logistics trade fair — Transport Logistic 2015 — in Munich last week have voiced displeasure over the failure of the government and relevant ministries to financially support the industry at the event.

While logistics firms from other countries promoted themselves under country exhibition stands. Turkish companies were left to their own devices, according to transporters among the small delegation of 11 Turkish logistics firms at the fair.

Speaking to the Dunya daily, Arif Bodur, the CEO of Reibel Transport and Trade Inc., said: “Our goal [for Turkey] is to become a logistics hub [in the region]. hellip The development and transportation ministries should allocate funds [for the fair] and bring 100 companies to the exhibition.”

Another sector representative, Huseyin Barlin, the owner of S Sistem Logistics Services Co., said: “We attended this exhibition through our own efforts. Yet, such a considerable industry through which Turkey aims to become a regional hub should have been given state support. Turkish firms, here, are missing the Turkish concept.’ Firm names do not suggest that they are Turkish.”

The chairman of Ekol Logistics, Ahmet Musul, underlined that state bodies should have at least run a Turkish exhibition stand at the fair. Musul maintains that the transportation sector could be included in the government-funded Turquality program, which aims to boost awareness of Turkish goods abroad and help firms promote themselves with professional brand management.

Kita Logistics Chairman Ercan Ataman echoed the importance of what he hopes will become an enlarged Turquality program. “We introduce Turkey and the logistics activities here, but our number of firms is small. The support should be enhanced and the logistics firms should be involved in the Turquality program,” he said.

The Dunya daily also quoted International Transporters Association (UND) executive board chairman Fatih iener as saying that the Turkish logistics industry generates the second highest service-sector revenue after tourism, bringing in a $14.4 billion yield per year.

“The [transportation] sector deserves to utilize special support mechanisms granted by the state through the private sector. While exporters in the film, health and education sectors get supported, the means to support exporters in the logistics sector, which generate more value than the total of those industries, are still closed,” iener stressed.