Turkish student dies as heavily injured in Romanian night club disaster

Number of death caused by night club fire disaster, which occurred on Oct. 30, has risen up to 43 by the morning of Sunday. Rescued from the fire as heavily injured Ayberk Manci, the Turkish Erasmus student passed away despite the all medical efforts.

Ayberk Manci had been reported to be among the people who were injured in the disaster. Some of people, who were injured on fire, were dispatched to the hospitals, located in various Europe countries. Prosecutor office, which has been investigating the incident, arrested the mayor of the region.


The number of death is rising up day by day in fire, the most significant disaster in last ten year. In an explanation made by the hospital, it was stated that 45 of 107 people were still in critical condition. Medical complications led by fire and poisoning are expected to cause to rise up the number of death at next week.

Also prosecutor office, took the testimonies of 147 people concerning the disaster. Three of nightclub owners were arrested. Two people, who sell the squibs, led to fire to break out, were also taken into custody. An arrest warrant for Cristian Popescu Piedone, Bucharest 4th region municipal mayor, who resigned at recent days, claimed for responsible for field examinations, were issued.


Following the disaster, many of doctors from all over Europe arrived to Romania for help. General surgeon and intensivist Prof. Dr. Cinar Yasti and burnt specialist Dr. İsa Sozen, appointed by health ministry from Turkey, and two doctors in plastic surgery, appointed by Turkish General Staff are holding medical operation in Bucharest.