Turkish student choir sneaks in Gezi reference during live TV performance

In a daring shot at the government, a student choir has sneaked in a reference to Turkeyand’s 2013 anti-government protests during a live performance on a television station considered by many to be pro-government.
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The Boiaziandci University Choir had at the time supported the protests by changing the words of a song in their repertoire to andquotAre you a looter?andquot mocking now-President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who had dismissed demonstrators of the nationwide Gezi Park movement as looters.
On Tuesday, the group performed the original version of the song on NTV television but ended it by reprising the andquotAre you a looter?andquot verse, leaving the showand’s presenters flummoxed.
The move was considered daring because dozens are on trial in Turkey for insulting the president.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman