Turkish restaurant employs robot waiters

KONYA: Two waiter robots named ‘ADA’ that were developed by a Turkish software engineering company of Akinsoft made a debut at an eatery in Konya province of central Turkey on Friday.

The humanoid robots weighing 30 kilograms are able to carry five kilograms of service tray to the table and can take orders from the customers. The machines navigate their way around with the use of an optical sensing system.

The Chairman of the producer company Ozgur Akin stated that they were inspired from first Turkish made humanoid robots of Akinci-1 and Akinci-2 when they developed the ADA version for catering sector.

“ADA can take orders and communicate with customers. They are also able to observe the service process and in case of the troubled situations it warns the chief. Today we have presented the first two prototypes in here but soon we will launch the mass production waiter robots,” Akin added.

In recent years, robot waiters gradually becoming popular in the places giving catering service. In the later 2014 a Chinese café also replaced its human waters with machineries to save from the costs.