Turkish police clash with protesters in mine disaster town (update)

MANISA (CIHAN)- Turkish police on Friday used tear gas and water cannon to disperse a crowd of several thousand protesters in western Turkish city of Manisa’s Soma Town, where around 300 people died in the nation’s most deadly mine pit explosion.

Chanting anti-government slogans crowd gathered in the center of the Soma, is highly populated town with its 100 thousands of residents, and anger turned a big clash between policemen and protesters. Angry protesters tried to unblock the barricades but police used tear gas and pressurized water to disperse the protesters.

Around 300 mine workers have reported to have been killed and some miners are still been trapped in the mine pit. Turkish people anger which was triggered by the disastrous mine explosion poured into the street and many protest meeting has turned violent clashes across the country.


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