Turkish people dance upon death of ex-military chief in Ankara

ANKARA: A group of people from a workers’ union performed folk dance with shawn-and-drum in an interesting protest against retired Gen. and former president Kenan Evren who died on Saturday.

People gathered at Ankara’s Kizilay Square on Tuesday and opened placards which say “Dictators are bid farewell in this way, “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism”. The group later began to perform some folk dances with shawm-and-drum. A statement was read during the protest and some people narrated hardships they came across during the Sept 12 1980 coup d’état when Evren and his cohorts overthrew a democratically elected government.

Sept. 12 is believed to be the bloodiest coup Turkey has seen. Hundreds died and thousands were tortured in military prisons, as well as prisons for civilians. Many had to flee the country and thousands were fired from academic or government offices. It has also had the longest-lasting effects of all of Turkey’s four coups, as the current Constitution and several government agencies, such as the Higher Education Board (YOK) are remnants of the Sept. 12 period.