Turkish man takes his sick calf to vet with car

YOZGAT: A Turkish man took a sick calf to veterinary with his car by putting it back seat in central Turkish city of Yozgat.

Hacı Ahmet Ozturk, a farmer immediately put his calf which called Sarıkız to the car’s back seat and brought it to the veterinary in Yozgat’s Cekerek district. It was drew attention that Sarıkız was sharing the seat a woman who was kissing her while they on the way to vet.

Ozturk who live in a Kazankaya village in Yozgat’s Kazankaya village said he carried Sarıkız with car due to the financial difficulties.

“Due to the financial problems I brought my calf by car after the treatment I would bring back to my village,” noted Ozturk.

Gulhanım Ozturk who shared his seat with Sarıkız said that she used to travel with animals. “I travelled with calf. I kissed the calf when it got fret. By kissing her I am showing my affinity to her,” noted Ozturk