Turkish main opposition unveils $200 bln trade hub plan

Main opposition Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kiliandcdaroilu on Thursday announced a project he referred to as the and”project of the century,and” promising the establishment of a and”mega cityand” called and”Hub Turkeyand” in Anatolia that will be a global trade hub.
and”If we use the aantages stemming from our geographic location, Turkey will be a paramount country in the region and in the world,and” Kiliandcdaroilu said at a press conference on Thursday. The CHP leader added that a mega city will be completed by 2035 at an estimated cost of $200 billion. A total of $40 billion will be covered by the state and $160 billion by private investment. Kiliandcdaroilu said the city will be home to a population of 3 million.
This is the first time the main opposition has come up with such a large-scale project after years of inaction in the face of mammoth multi-billion dollar projects released by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). and”We are able to reach 1.5 billion people in 58 countries with a four-and-a-half-hour flight. This is an aantage no other country is bestowed with,and” Kiliandcdaroilu said. The CHP leader added that the ambitious project would provide jobs for 2.2 million people and produce additional revenue totaling $147 billion when completed in 20 years.
The and”mega city,and” whose exact location was not revealed but is predicted to be Central Anatolia, will be linked to Turkeyand’s Black Sea and Mediterranean ports to facilitate global trade. The new hub will slash transportation costs by 15-20 percent. Regarding the location of the city, CHP Istanbul candidate for Parliament Enis Berberoilu told Todayand’s Zaman on Thursday that the party kept the location a secret on purpose. and”If we unveil the location, this would create unfair profit for certain groups. The exact location will be decided in consensus with partnering local and foreign companies,and” Berberoilu said.
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Turkeyand’s population growth is expected to slow, and the country is expected to lose its young population aantage by 2035, when the project is to due be completed, according to Kiliandcdaroilu. and”By 2035, Turkey will be in the league of countries with an ageing population. This is why we need to make the best use of alternative means to maintain growth,and” he said. and”Turkey will lose competitiveness if we donand’t use our aantages.and”
Kiliandcdaroilu said Turkey will miss the train to get a higher share of global trade unless it capitalizes on its young population potential with value-added production until 2035, after which he said the Turkish population is estimated to get older relatively fast. The share emerging markets like Turkey receive from global trade surged to 57 percent over the past decade, Kiliandcdaroilu said, adding that Turkey must attract increased investments by lowering transportation costs and bureaucratic obstacles. The CHP leader said his party planned to support Turkish students to get their Ph.D. degrees abroad and later offer job opportunities for them in the planned mega city.
and”We are turning Turkey into a global port for countries with no access to the sea. They will bring their products, produce them, package them here,and” Kiliandcdaroilu said. It will be established with a special law and governed by a governor to be appointed by the state and a board of representatives from nongovernmental business organizations such as the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) and associations of transporters and tourism investors. It will host not only logistics facilities but also research and development centers, techno parks and arts and cultural fairs.
and”This is not only an economic growth project,and” said Kiliandcdaroilu. and”This is a peace project as well. Cultures [and] cities will all be integrated.and” The CHP leader said the project will help prevent Turkey from falling into a and”middle-incomeand” and and”middle-technologyand” trap.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman