Turkish leathermen:We are in tough situation,cannot receive order from Russia

Leather industry has been one of the most affected industries as crisis between Turkey and Russia has not been solved yet. Selling 90 percent of their leather products to Russia, Turkish leather dealers said they cannot receive order from Russia and called on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to deal with the issue.

On November Turkey shot down a Russian jet which violated its airspace, which led to stagnancy in export between the two counties. One of the dealers named Medeni Doganay stated that their business was not so good in the past but with the latest developments their business went worse. “We will be very pleased if the government deals with our problem,” he said.

Another leatherman named Zakir Cicek said they are in difficult situation and their wish is to end of the crisis. Some of the dealers said they will have to close their shops and stop production if the problem is not solved in short term.