Turkish journalist faces prison sentence over Twitter insult to PM

The Ankara 1st Criminal Court of Peace sentenced investigative journalist onder Aytac, a former police official, to jail time in consideration of the fact that he had faced similar charges previously. Given that this is the second offense, the prison sentence cannot be converted to a fine or compensation, officials said.

However, the court delayed the implementation of the sentence for one year.

Media group asks for censorship of fellow outlet

In yet another blow to media freedom in Turkey, a court decision censored two articles in the daily Hurriyet, forcing their removal from the daily’s website.

The Hurriyet’s ombudsman, Faruk Bildirici, wrote in his column on Monday that Turkuaz Media sued them over two articles written by columnist Mehmet Yılmaz dated Jan. 30 and Feb. 3 regarding the controversial sale of the media group that includes the Sabah daily. According to him, Turkuaz Media could have responded to his allegations from their own media outlets, but instead they asked the court to remove content from the Hurriyet website, amounting to a request for censorship from fellow journalists.

Bildirici further argued that even if the court had not accepted the Turkuvaz Media request, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s attorneys could have intervened in the case, since the prime minister had already sent a warning to the newspaper asking for the removal of Yılmaz’s articles. As Bildirici sees it, in this specific case, there was collaboration between the journalists and politicians.

In addition, on Monday, journalist Cansu Camlıbel indicated in a veiled statement on her Twitter account that journalist Umut Alphan had been fired from his job at the Milliyet daily due to government pressure.

Court dismisses case against journalist

Meanwhile, a public prosecutor in İstanbul has dismissed a legal case against a journalist from the Bugun daily.

Prosecutor Hasan Bolukbası emphasized the right to inform the public and media freedom in his decision to dismiss an investigation of Ezelhan Ustunkaya initiated by the İstanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Ustunkaya was accused of violating confidentiality based on reporting related to the corruption probe that has implicated four former Cabinet ministers and several other high-profile figures.

Ustunkaya had reported on the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) parliamentary meeting in which CHP leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu played the recorded phone call between former Minister of the Interior Muammer Guler and his son Barıs Guler on Dec. 17, 2013, the day the corruption investigation became public.

Referring to the article on the freedoms granted to the media in the Constitution, the prosecutor said that the dialogue that was claimed to be confidential had become public in the parliamentary meeting.