Turkish General Staff announces PKK killed 2 soldiers

IANLIURFA (CIHAN)- Two Turkish soldiers were killed in a clash with suspected smugglers near the Southeastern Turkish Province of IanlIurfa’s CeylanpInar district near the Syria border, Turkish General Staff announced. At least 6 PYDKK militants were killed by Turkish soldiers in the same clashes.

Reportedly, clashes erupted on the Turkish-Syrian border between Turkish military forces and smugglers which affiliated with PKKYD at 21:20 (19:20 GMT) by local time. In the official statement which was released by Chief of Staff Office says those terrorist groups consisting of 10-15 militants, responded with fire to warning to stop of border guard squad. It is reported in the statement that two Turkish soldiers were killed and one were injured while at least 6 PKK militias were killed in the clashes.

Meanwhile, gendarmerie forces revealed 20 kilos of explosives hidden under railway eastern Bitlis province which allegedly was placed by PKK terrorists.