Turkish expats cast vote in general election in Romania

Turkish nationals who live in Romania began to cast their votes as part of parliamentary election which will be held on June 7.

A long queue formed in front of Turkish Embassy in Bucharest on Thursday. Turkish Ambassador to Bucharest Osman Koray Ertaş was the first national to cat vote. Around 6,000 registered voters will be able to vote in Bucharest and Constanza until May 31.

Embassy officials stated that the ballot papers will put into sacks and transferred to Turkey with a cargo plane.

Apart from Romania, voting centers, excluding those at Turkish missions, will be open 24 hours, including public holidays. If more votes than expected are cast in a particular area, more voting centers will be set up accordingly. Expatriate citizens can vote at Turkish missions during regular office hours.

Turkish nationals can also cast their votes at customs gates until June 7.