Turkish expats begin voting at the customs gates

ADANA (CIHAN)- Turkish citizens living abroad have begun voting at the Turkey’s customs gates to choose the new president of Turkey.
As the presidential election which will be held on August 10 approaches, Turkish people, who live in abroad began cast their ballots at various customs gates of Turkey.

Within the scope of the presidential election, a Turkish expat cast its ballot at the custom gate of the southwestern Turkish province of Adana. The first person who cast her ballot in Adana IakirpaIa Custom Gate wished to good election period for Turkey soon after voting.

According to the Turkey’s Supreme Committee of Elections (YSK), Turkish expats will use their votes till to August 10. In case any candidates not to be chosen as a new Turkish president in the first tour, then, Turkish expats will begin to cast their ballots between the dates of August 17-24.