Turkish comedian Atilla Arcan dies at 70

Atilla Arcan, a Turkish actor and comedian best known for his onscreen impersonations of Turkeyand’s political figures during the 1990s, has died. He was 70.
Arcan died on Monday evening in the intensive care unit of an Istanbul hospital due to complications following a heart attack he suffered last week, news agencies reported on Tuesday.
His doctors told the Cihan news agency that Arcan was hospitalized a week ago for heart surgery. He was transferred to intensive care on Monday afternoon after his lungs failed.
and”His heart had already stopped [when he was taken to intensive care on Monday afternoon]. We made all the necessary interventions, but his heart was unresponsive,and” Professor Hizir Mete Alp told the Dogan news agency.
Arcan, whose real name was Atilla Gandurses, was born in 1945 in Istanbul. He was the son of actor, director and scriptwriter Muharrem Gandurses. He studied acting in England, and had been married to actress Gandul Arcan since 1984, with whom he had four children.
Arcan will be buried on Wednesday at a funeral in an Istanbul cemetery following afternoon prayers at the ErenkandOy Balaban Mosque.


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