Turkish cartoon character Robinson transformed to film

Turkish comic strip and”Robinson Crusoe ve Cuma,and” a humorous take on Daniel Defoeand’s 18th-century classic novel, is getting the film treatment.
A favorite of comic magazine fans in Turkey for the past 17 years, and”Robinson Crusoe Cumaand” features drawings and a story by cartoonist Gandurcan Yurt. The series, currently being featured in the weekly magazine Penguen, has also been published in book form in eight volumes since its launch in 1997.
The screenplay for the upcoming movie, starring Serhat Yildiz as Robinson and John Nyambi as Cuma (Friday), is written by Yurt, who is also directing the feature, according to a press release issued in late May.
The film finds Robinson and Cuma celebrating their 15th year on the uninhabited island when suddenly they see a ship approaching the island. The shipand’s captain is Viktor (Beyti Engin), a man who is seeking refuge from the degenerated world, along with his two daughters and hundreds of animals onboard his ship.
The comedy, produced by the Turkish production company Film Bahandcesi and currently filming in Cuba, is expected to hit Turkish theaters in August or September.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman