Turkey’s sixth person undergoing face transplant dies at hospital

ANTALYA (CIHAN)- Salih uslun, who was the sixth person in Turkey to receive a face transplant operation, died in the hospital on Friday morning in the southern province of Antalya, where he was taken as a result of deterioration in his health when the operation was unsuccessful.

55-year-old uslun’s face was transplanted in an operation performed by Turkish doctors from the Akdeniz University School of Medicine on Aug. 23. The surgery and transplant were successful in the beginning, but later organ failure involving the liver and kidneys created tissue incompatibility, as a result of which uslun’s health deteriorated. After group discussions led by Professor mer zkan, a medical decision was made to remove uslun’s new face.

zkan is expected to hold a press conference on death of uslun during the day.