Turkey’s reputation worsens

Turkey’s reputation worsensGerman President Joachim Gauck made extraordinary statements during his visit to Turkey. He expressed concern about the tendency to restrict the separation of powers, attempts to establish the intelligence agency’s control over people’s lives, suppression of protests by force, restrictions on social media, pressure on the media and the use of toxic language in politics. These criticisms have been voiced by Turkey’s intellectuals as well. Prime Minister ErdoIan said Gauck still thinks he is a pastor, but it is evident that Gauck’s concerns are shared by the aanced democracies. Both the US and European Union representatives have issued similar warnings. It will be to Turkey’s benefit to evaluate friendly criticism from its allies without prejudice. Turkey needs to return to its reforms and re-establish strong ties with Western countries. Ignoring the drop in Turkey’s reputation will only hurt Turkey’s future. (ERHAN BAIYURT, BUGu

SOURCE: Todays Zaman